Tuesday, 14 September 2010

In search of lunch

In search of lunch

There were over twenty riders on the Little Green Ride in September but with John middle-marking and Sue tending to the stragglers at the rear no-one got lost. (Although one person missed the train at Finsbury Park - it took her longer to get a coffee than she thought. Luckily she found everyone in time for lunch). The original plan (see the map) was to go to Benington but progress was slow so we re-routed to Haultwick, only to find famine conditions at the pub. So on to Westmill, where we found the Sword Inn plentifully supplied. (I don't think we've ever been there before, we normally only visit Westmill for tea). It's a big pub, and they didn't bat an eye when 20 of us turned up unannounced, good for them.

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Stephen said...

Thanks ever so much to Jacques for organising and leading the ride, and to John and Sue for shepherding