Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Little Green Ride

The Little Green Ride is something of an institution in North London. For many years a group of cyclists have met at Finsbury Park station on a Sunday morning to take a train out to the Hertfordshire countryside.

Once off the train, they meander through pleasant country lanes seeking out a pub for a long and leisurely lunch. When they are finally prised from the fireside, they wander back to the railway station at Stevenage (sometimes with a teastop interlude) to catch the train home.

The ride is usually around thirty miles, sometimes a bit less. There are some hills but we always wait at the top for everyone (it is a good excuse to look at the view). The only cost is a price of a train ticket and a pub lunch.

Nowadays the ride takes place on the third Sunday of every month.
The next rides will be on:
17th May 2009
21st June 2009
19th July 2009
16th August 2009

(above - reflections on a rainy Little Green Ride - July 2009)

For more information click here or contact Stephen Taylor (sltaylor001atyahoodotcodotuk - replace at with @ and dot with .)


John A said...

LGR featured in IslingtonNow this month.

John A said...
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John A said...

The local pubs and phone numbers in the Hertfordshire area.

cmetana said...

Hi. I went on the Little Green Ride on Sun 21 June. It was great. Thank you so much for organising and making it such a brilliant day. The LGR is easy-going and sociable and I'm so grateful to the organisers for doing it. Thanks.