Sunday, 15 February 2009

Last of the snow...

In February the Little Green Ride ventured out again.

After the heavy snow earlier in the month, most of it had now gone. There was still quite a lot of snow in the fields, but the road surfaces were no longer icy.

There were 20 of us on the ride in total, but the attrition rate was unexpectedly high. Kieran, Will and Dave, from Edmonton cyclists, rode up from London to meet us at Knebworth, came with us as far as Whitwell (about 5 miles), then headed back! Was it something I said?

Another left after lunch to make his own way home (I think he lives locally). We dropped a few off at Knebworth, on our way back to Stevenage, and some stayed on the train to Kings Cross, so only about half a dozen actually alighted at Finsbury Park.

About 24 miles in all, at sedate pace, and a lovely relaxed lunch at the Red Lion in Breachwood Green (they're always good to us there, and didn't freak out when I told them that the 12 I'd originally booked for had turned into 20).


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