Saturday, 20 November 2010

Little Green Ride November 2010

The Little Green Ride in November 2010 will meet as usual from Finsbury Park mainline station at 9.45am to catch the 10.11 to Knebworth. Buy return tickets to Stevenage. If you plan to join the train at Kings Cross it leaves there at 10.06.


Bagi Anna said...

After having a drink/cake in the cafe in Whitwell, we set off to the station.

Realising that my wonderful map erading skills are useless in the dark, we decided on a slightly shorter route, via Codicote and then following cycle route 12.

There was a dispute over map versus SatNav, but we ended up following the planned routedue to my pushy and persisitent nature.

There was a sense of adventure and mistery riding in the dark lanes and passing lit up pubs. It felt like the Dunwich Dynamo (without the pain). We couldn't believe it was only past 5pm a felt like we were in the middle of the night.

Lovely route by John Ackers. Great tradition carried on by different people. Thanks Sue for doing this ride for long enough that there are enough people who can pick up the pieces.

Great company and pictures by our own Fake Paparazzi (Chas).


Bagi Anna said...

Corrections to my previous comments:

map reading skills, not erading
slightly longer route, not shorter