Monday, 25 July 2011

Apps vs Maps

We had a lucky Little Green Ride on Sunday 17th July, once we'd escaped the cycle path of Stevenage (no thanks to me, despite Simon's minute instructions, I got lost within 50 yards of the station, Mihal had to come to the rescue with the map application on his I-phone). We got to the Red Lion at Breachwood Green with a combination of Tom’s 20th century OS map and compass, and Mihal’s 21st century technology. I do recommend that pub, they’ve got a varied menu, pleasant staff, and bike racks. Despite threatening skies , the only rain we got was a well-timed shower while we were at lunch, and a brief downpour in the afternoon, which hardly dampened us as we sheltered under trees. The real monsoon didn’t hit til we got back to London, so some of the group went for coffee in the cafĂ© opposite Finsbury Park station.

There were ten of us in total, and we only cycled 19 miles. We decided to miss out the tea stop to maximise our chances of getting back before the serious rain set in. We returned from Knebworth, partly to avoid navigating through Stevenage, and partly because Edward’s ticket was only valid from there, rather than Stevenage.

Sue Dorey

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