Friday, 6 May 2011

Little Green Ride - April 2011

We were a group of about 22 and the sun was breaking through the morning haze. We headed south to Woolmer Green and then the picturesque Burnham Green and Tewin which I had never been through before. We stopped by a lake of bluebells (English apparently, not the Spanish imports) and the official photographer took the first shot. You'll have to imagine this wonderful site as the official photographer for the ride hasn't been in touch and no one knows who she was. Then across to Waterford, first puncture, then Dane End and lunch at the White Horse at High Cross. They told us that we'd have to wait a long time and for some it was but the food was good.

We left two hours later at about 3PM and took a relatively short route back to Stevenage via Benington and Aston. Due to a small map reading error, I managed to include some off road cycling as a special bonus at no extra charge. We passed through a farm and a woman started banging on the window; others reported she was tired and emotional and was in fact very happy for us to use the public bridleway through her farm.

As time was passing and people had to go to work next day, we stopped by Knebworth just in time to catch the hourly train to London. However 3 very keen cyclists didn't want the ride to end so we wandered back through Knebworth Park to Stevenage and got the 6.30PM back to London.

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