Saturday, 21 May 2011

Little Green Ride Lost and Found

There were eighteen of us at Knebworth station before we set off to Lilley for lunch. We said we would be at the Lilley Arms by twelve and, taking a relatively direct route up Lilley Bottom, we just about managed it. It was hard work with a head wind and a slight uphill all the way. We were rewarded with excellent fare and welcoming staff at one of the Little Green Ride's popular watering holes.

After lunch things went slightly wrong. The plan was to head down Lilley Bottom but turn off to go up to Kings Walden and Preston. Unfortunately some of us missed the turn and found ourselves heading all the way back down to Whitwell. A little bit of shepherding meant that some of us were reunited but a small group continued to Knebworth.

For the rest of the us the afternoon was an up and down affair. After the climb to Preston we descended to the tiny village of Charlton just outside Hitchin before taking the short sharp climb to St Ippolits. After that it was a quick run into Stevenage in time to catch the train home. And we were finally all reunited as the lost souls clambered aboard the same train at Knebworth.

This month we didn't fit in a teastop about which there was some mumbling. We will definitely make up for this in June. In the meantime, here is a picture of a slice of cake.

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