Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's Day March 18th

We had a group of twelve and cycled south to Tewin then onto Letty Green, then we took the fairly busy B158 into Hertford. We stopped at the Old Barge pub on the side of the river. This was a unusual urban choice for a lunch stop but it gave us multiple options for lunch which we would be hard to find given the gangs of marauding mothers blocking up all the pubs in the area.

After lunch leaving Hertford, we had a close shave when a bunch of ten year olds on scooters tried to race us along a flat street. We took the moral high ground and ignored their challenge and they quietly backed off.

When we got to Dane End, three of our group peeled off, led by Anna and set out for Knebworth station. The rest of the group headed for Ardeley. It started to pour with rain. We stopped and using a single transferable voting system, we decided to turn back to Knebworth. While the spoilt votes were being inspected by all parties, the rain stopped and after a re-vote, we decided to push on but only as far as the agrarian tea shop at Ardeley. While waiting for our tea, the heavens opened and with what Sue Dorey described as unprecedented luck, we remained under cover and dry in a large garden shed with windows.

On the final run into Stevenage, we were able to test out the comprehensive cycling infrastructure and note that while the price of petrol is at record prices, middle England as represented by the good people of Stevenage had not decided that the situation was that desperate that anyone should resort to using a bike.

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